Note: Prices may be increased based on your particular needs.
If you have specific questions regarding price, please schedule a consultation or check with your service provider prior to your service. All pricing is subject change.

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Service Price
Haircuts (includes styling) $45 - $155
Blow-Dry / Style $30 - $75
Child’s Haircut (under 12) $25 - $50
Clipper Cut $30 - $55
Up-Do / Formal Style $100 - $150
Flat / Curling Iron Work $15 - $25


Service Price
Keratin Treatments $355+
Brazilian Blow Out $400+
Conditioning Treatments $25+
Keratin Ampoule $30+


Service Price
Single Process Color $70 - $135
Double Process $150 - $165
Express Color $50 - $80
Face Framing Foil $75 - $175
Partial Foil $180 - 270
Full Foil $220 - $310
Balayage/Ombre/Sombre Starting at $250
Color Lock Treatment $15

EXTENSIONS (consultation required)

Service Price
Hand Tied

From $1200
Tape in Seamless From $500



Service Price
Eyebrow $25
Lip $20
Chin $20
Full Face $50
Underarm $30
Abdominal $40
Arm $40
Half Arm $30
Back / Chest $60
Bikini $50
Brazilian $60
Full Bikini $70


Service Price
Classic Manicure $25
French Manicure $30
Classic Pedicure $50
French Pedicure $55
Express Pedicure $40
Shellac / Gel Manicure $40
Shellac / Gel Removal $5
Polish Change Hands / Feet $20
Paraffin Treatment Hands / Feet $25
Foot Reflexology
($45 when added to a classic pedicure)


Service Starting Price
Classic FULL SET $175
Fill (One Week) $45
Fill (Two Week) $65
Fill (Three Week) $75
Fill (Four Week) $85
Volume FULL SET $300
Fill (One Week) $65
Fill (Two Week) $85
Fill (Three Week) $100
Fill (Four Week) $120
Hybrid FULL SET $250
Fill (One Week) $50
Fill (Two Week) $75
Fill (Three Week) $90
Fill (Four Week) $105
Fill (Two Week) $95
Fill (Three Week) $110
Fill (Four Week) $150


Customized Facial | 60min - $80 |
We customize this facial to your specific needs,
using natural or active ingredients and pressure
point massage techniques.

Acne Solution | 60min - $110 |
This is a deep cleansing facial that calms blemished
and irritated skin. Detailed attention is given to steam
and extraction.

Vitamin C Facial | 60min - $100 |
This is our most popular and remarkable treatment
that joins a high potency of vitamin C (25%) and pure
freeze dried seaweed. Ideal for smoothing and reducing
fine lines and strengthening elasticity.

Collagen Facial | 60min - $115 |
This age-defying treatment provides intense
hydration, firms the skin and reduces the appearance
of aging.

Microdermabrasion Facial | 90min - $110 |
By pretreating the skin with microdermabrasion,
the results of the facial are improved and extraction
is more effective.

Teen Clean Facial | 60min - $65 |
This facial includes skin analysis, exfoliation, a
pore cleansing mask along with proper skincare

Back Facial | 60min - $70 |
Our back facial Involves deep pore cleansing and
steam to lift out impurity, followed by a gentle extraction,
relaxing massage and a treatment masque.



Glycolic Peel - $40
This treatment will dramatically improve skin
texture and diminish the signs of aging. Reduces
fine lines, acne condition and pigmentation problems.

Enzyme Treatment - $40
Using oat flour, pineapple and papaya enzymes,
this treatment will digest superficial impurities and
dead skin cells leaving the skin brighter and smoother.



A great way to rejuvenate your skin to look younger and healthier in less than an hour. This procedure has been praised in a variety of medical journals and fashion/beauty magazines.

Service Price
Face $90
Face / Neck $100
Face / Neck / Decollete $150
Back $125
Acne Scars $50
Age Spots $50
Hands / Feet $25


Kriya Massage | 30min - $60 | 60min - $80 | 90min - $120|
This massage focuses on utilizing and manipulating the natural energy within the body. The word “Kriya” is actually defined as “spontaneous energy movement.”

Floating Massage | 60min - $85 | 90min - $125 |
Floating massage is the ultimate in relaxation! A full body Kriya Massage administered while you lay gently floating on a warm bed of water. This Massage utilizes the healing and soothing benefits of hydrotherapy.

Deep Tissue Massage | 30min - $75 | 60min - $100 | 90min - $130 |
This massage utilizes technique to apply heavy pressure. Therapists look for shortened muscles and/or distorted postural patterns. With slow deep strokes the therapist works to lengthen the muscle fibers to restore balance and to reestablish structural and functional integrity to the greatest degree possible for the client.

Aromatherapy Massage | 60min - $85 |
A full body massage using an individualized blend of 100% essential oils combined with a carrier oil. A short consultation with a therapist is required prior to the massage to blend your personalized aroma.

Salt Scrub | 50min - $75 |
This scrub involves a brisk massage using sea salt and oil to cleanse the pores, rejuvenate the skin and stimulate detoxification. This scrub can be added to any massage.


Sports Massage | 60min - $85 |
This massage is designed for specific muscle groups and helps Keep the muscle and tissue in prime condition while releasing chronic tension and improving ease of movement. Ideal for pre and or post event, whether it be a marathon or working around the yard.

Maternity Massage | 60min - $85 |
This massage was created for the expectant mother to help alleviate the discomfort of pregnancy. It improves circulation, minimizes headaches. Not recommended for guests in their first trimester.

La Stone Massage | 60min - $1055 |
A very relaxing massage using heated basalt stones and cooled marble stones on the body. Stone therapy massage helps bring relief to tired and sore muscles and creates both sedating and re-energizing responses to the body.

Reflexology | 30min - $45 |
Reflexology is compression foot massage that can affect any body system or specific area of the body, increases circulation, reawakens the nervous system, and alleviates pain and tension.

Hydra-Therapy Bath | 30min - $40 | ($30 when added to a massage)
A great addition to any massage, it helps loosen your muscles prior to your treatment.